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  • qualified, experienced counselling
  • educational acceleration programmes
  • curriculum differentiation
  • group discussion and counselling
  • targeted research and study skills
  • careers guidance


Gifted Advocacy Wendy Stewart

Wendy Stewart is the founder and principal consultant of Gifted Advocacy and Counselling Services.  Wendy has worked continuously in gifted education for twenty years, being one of the longest-serving teachers at the Gifted Education “Chalkface” in South Australia.

Wendy holds a Masters degree in Gifted Education and has presented at national and international conferences on gifted education.  Her most recent presentation was at the 2015 International Conference on Thinking, held in Bilbao, Spain.

If you are in search of guidance or advocacy for your child or teenager regarding acceleration, curriculum differentiation, social and emotional concerns, or research, study and organisation skills, Wendy is the experienced professional to turn to.

For a comprehensive summary of Wendy’s skills and experience, please see the About Us page.